Photo A Day for Lent: See



I commented to Jason yesterday that I’m having so much trouble seeing what the future might look like. This reminds me of that. There’s beautiful, unending road and scenery ahead, but a part of my view is taken by the rear view mirror and what’s behind…and sometimes it’s easy to focus too much on what’s already happened.

Today, I’ll pray that I’ll have imagination to see what could be ahead for me, the ministry I’m called to do and our family.

See the original post about this photo project! I’m finding this to be a very devotional experience as I consider the words on the list. Jump in any time–it’s not too late to catch up!

One thought on “Photo A Day for Lent: See”

  1. One thing I see in your future is a Reverend. I know you are a pastor now and I hope some day you will be recognized as a Reverend in the Presbyterian church.

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