Photo A Day for Lent: Silence


“When any of you sin in that you have heard a public adjuration to testify and—though able to testify as one who has seen or learned of the matter—do not speak up, you are subject to punishment.” Leviticus 5:1

I love silence. … … … … …

I love silence because I’m an introvert. Silence usually means alone. Silence usually means I’m resting my voice, resting my mind, resting my body.

This season, I’m learning that sometimes silence is sin. Sometimes I know I should speak up, speak out, speak with conviction…and I choose the safety of silence instead.

This Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote appears on the RethinkChurch blog today: “Not only will we have to repent for the sins of bad people; but we also will have to repent for the appalling silence of good people.”

I love silence because I like to have lots of time to think about what I would say. I like to reflect and think things through. I don’t like having to speak without preparation, and notes if possible. Yet, sometimes,that’s not an option. Sometimes I have to speak up because it’s the very right thing to do. Because someone is being treated unfairly, either in word or in deed, and I need to GET LOUD. Or at least, get vocal.

It’s risky. I have and will continue to make a fool of myself some days. You’ll hear me say something and you’ll disagree and it may make you uncomfortable because you thought I must believe the same thing you do because…well, it’s not like you’ve heard me say anything about it before. I may say something that’s completely wrong, but I’ll say it with conviction even still.

One of the high school students I’m friends with on facebook said this today: “I promise if I hear any discrimination against homosexuality, I will stand up for it.”

By his example, I promise that if I hear any discrimination against anyone…or if I hear any hurtful words…or if I know my speaking up will make life better for someone else…of if I know that my silence will hurt someone else, I will stand up and speak. It may sound quiet at first, but I’ll get better.

It’s day 28 of Lent. This is a day when the season seems impossibly long.

Easter is still coming!