Photo A Day for Lent: Vision


I have terrible vision.

I’m like in the -10 or -11 range in both of my eyes. That’s terrible.

When I’m not wearing my contact lenses or glasses, everything is so blurry, I may as well not have my eyes open at all. I stumble around, I have to reach out to make sure I don’t bump into  things, I have to squint to read or see things that are even right in front of my face.

Sometimes, my (gas permeable) contacts get a little smudge or a little dirt on them. If I put my contacts in without cleaning them first–and cleaning them is kind of a tedious job so some days I see if I can skip it–I can see, but my eyesight is just a little blurry or obstructed. I blink, blink, blink to try to get my contacts to settle into my eyes right and to get my vision to clear…but usually what happens is I have to take them out, clean them and start over. It’s the only way for me to have to good vision.

The same is true in life. Sometimes, it’s like I’m looking at my life without clear vision. I can’t see anything ahead of me. I can squint and sort of see what’s in front of my face, but not exactly.

I’m in a season like that now. I can’t quite see what is ahead of me.

Lent is a time for me to clean my lenses and get them set straight in my eyes. I know it’s happening, but what I’m seeing is still blurry.

It’s only day 12.

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