Photo Scavenger Hunt

April 30, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, Jason and I had the best time. Armed with the Features Section of the newspaper, we drove all over town trying to find all of the sights in the Picture Scavenger Hunt. A photographer from our local paper, The Gleaner, went around town and took pictures of things that right in plain view. They are things that are in town and that we all drive by all the time. But Jason and I only recognized one of them from the pictures!

So we drove around town, looking, and only successfully finding the Phelps Gro. Co. lettering on the side of a brick building on the Second Street Overpass (the lettering was very old, and Phelps Grocery Company, which is listed as selling “Fruits, Vegetables, Notions, and Candy” no longer exists). But in the process, we got to listen to some good music, have lunch at Audubon Park, and eat ice cream on the riverfront.

I’m still looking for that silly rooster!

2 responses to Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Brian and Kristina Schmitt April 30, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Hmm….I dont ever recall seeing the rooster…..but then again I don’t live there and I don’t get around too much…home to work and work to home is a majority of my days in Henderson.

    But I must also comment on the recent vehicular transaction.
    I once was able to yell at the top of my lungs like the old comercial…”I DRIVE A DODGE STRAAAAAATTTTUUUUSSSS!!”
    However…since it is a smaller vehicle and ‘el bellyo is growing outward AND we discovered that it is a little more difficult to manipulate large bulky odd shapped objects (such as a carseat) in the back, that it would be a good idea to ditch the dodge. So we did….and now I have taken control of the Tahoe! (Which makes B crazy but he’ll live) 😉

  2. That’s fantastic! Sounds like a fun time! Let us know if you ever find that rooster!