Picture A Day: Breakfast



What do you do when the power goes out right after breakfast goes into the electric oven? You get creative!

This morning, Stefanie and I were out for a run (her doing much better at the running part than yours truly) and Jeff and Jason were hanging out at the house. They put breakfast in the oven and went outside to enjoy the morning breeze. As Stef and I were around the block, neighbors were coming out of their homes, dismayed at their loss of electricity. We arrived back home to find out that yes, our street as well was powerless.

First, I realized that this meant the coffee pot would not work. Second, I thought about breakfast.

Hooray for our new gas grill! The egg casserole was fantastic. So was the coffee cake we “baked” the same way!

And thanks be, the electricity came back before we needed to brew another pot of coffee.