Picture A Day: Nitro


I spent the morning today at the Brain Injury Adventure Camp. I’m now trained to lead groups through the low challenge course, so I was asked to come out to help the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders at Henderson County High School through the course. As a facilitator, I get to lead groups to the elements, set up the story for the challenge, tell them the rules, tell them the safety concerns and then watch them attempt to solve the problems. Eventually, I get to have conversations like: What might you have done differently there? Where’s the rest of your team and why did you forget about them? What made that so hard?

A favorite conversation always goes like this (usually after several failed attempts at a challenge element):

Me: Who feels like giving up?

Most of the group: I DO!

Me: Well, we’re not.

And then the group usually completes the challenge and I can yell something exciting like: And that’s why we don’t quit!

It’s really a lot of fun and the BIAC needs more facilitators (seriously, let me know if you’re local and want to help).

The element pictured above is the Nitro Swing. Members of the team have to swing across the tripwires and a “bottomless pit” to land on a platform surrounded by–what else?–“lava.” The last person across has to carry a full cup of “nitrogycerin.” We were about 10 minutes into the challenge when I realized that one of the dear girls actually believed there was a bottomless pit and the cup really did contain nitroglycerin. Bless her adorable heart. (In her defense, she was the one who would later figure out how to solve the problem on the Wild Woozie.)