Pineapple Chicken

August 24, 2006

You know how sometimes you just can’t bear to cook the same thing that you’ve already cooked before? I had one of those nights last night. So I cooked pineapple chicken. It’s simple and it tasted good, although I had to practically bribe Jonas to try it–he doesn’t like it when two foods are together, even if he likes the two foods.

I browned chicken breasts in a skillet
I opened a can of pineapple chunks and drained the juice into a sauce pan and added some brown sugar. I simmered this glaze for a few minutes.
I put the chicken and the glaze in a baking dish, covered and baked for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.
I opened the foil that was covering the chicken and added the pinapple chunks.
I made some rice and corn on the stove.
And then I served the pineapple and chicken over the rice and put the corn on the side.

It was easy and good and I only needed things we already had in our pantry and freezer.

And we didn’t have any leftovers!

One response to Pineapple Chicken

  1. Sounds yummy and inventive!