I’ve found Pinterest.

And it’s turning me into a crafty person.

Just like at one point in my life, I never imagined that I’d be someone who exercised for an hour at a time…or I never imagined I’d start running for fun…I never imagined that I would be someone who creates crafts. But then I met Pinterest and I started pinning craft projects that I thought I could do. Then I found myself at Michael’s (the craft store) buying things like bricks of glycerine and tiny black buttons.

Here’s what happened:

I turned bottles of GermX into snowmen…and my kind friends actually gushed over them and plan to use them. I found the idea for it on a Pinterest pin attached to this page.


One night, after we completed our Christmas shopping I was goofing around in Pinterest and found a paper wreath–it was so cute! Jason looked at it and said, “Oh, we could make that.” He found a piece of paper and we did. I hung it on our bedroom door and it makes me feel happy when I see it. I found this idea here.

I made these for the kids at church. They are bars of soap with toys inside. Above are bracelets, dinosaurs and spikey balls.

These have rings in them. This was a bit tougher than using a glue gun to attach buttons to a plastic bottle. They are a little rough and not as neat as the ones on the site where I got the idea–but they’re cute and I think the kids will like them.

Not since kindergarten have I been so excited about making gifts for Christmas! It’s fun…and thrifty!

I’ve found some yummy looking recipes I think I can manage, some photos that I think are great, and some other kid-friendly crafts and activities I might try soon.

I’m a little timid about pinning, and I’m still figuring the site out. Overall, Pinterest gets 5 stars! It’s a fun way to connect with friends and share and find ideas.