Playing Hooky

January 10, 2010

I thought that maybe Sunday morning would get here and I would be kind of excited about the chance to skip church. I mean, usually if I’m not at church on a Sunday morning I’m either at a church event (retreat, conference, etc) or I’m on a family vacation. I’m never at home and skipping church. I know that sounds bad, but when you work at church and go to two church services and Sunday School every single Sunday while other people take the occasional day off to sleep in or do something with their family you start to wonder what that’s like. But when I woke up at 8:30 this morning I was sad I wasn’t there. But I spent some time praying for Rev. John and this morning’s other preachers/proclaimers, Rev. John, Vallerie and Randy who led worship at 8:30, 8 year old Italia who was baptized at 8:30, our Session and new Session members who are being ordained/installed this morning, and all who seek relief and warmth in a cold place (literally and figuratively). I miss being at church this morning but am grateful for the chance to pray.

I’m recovering well. There’s been minimal pain so far and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve been taking less and less of my painkiller, which is good because it was making me pretty loopy! Mostly, I’ve been watching t.v., playing online, and reading when I can (I feel dizzy if I read too long–probably the pain pills). Jason’s been wonderful–bringing me anything I need, helping me get around, taking me to physical therapy, cleaning, doing laundry, organizing my closet and dresser yesterday, strapping bags of frozen corn to my ankle, picking out clothes that don’t mis-match TOO much, not making fun of me when I put lipgloss on…My mom’s been wonderful, too, taking care of cooking family meals and running the rest of the house. Jonas has been entertaining with his new electric guitar and conversation. People have been so kind–calling to check on me, sending me messages, bringing food over. I’m blessed for sure.

Stay warm out there!

One response to Playing Hooky

  1. I'm glad you're doing so well! I know you were nervous about the surgery.