Post Number 346

January 24, 2008

Um…It’s hard to believe that I’ve posted so many times. God bless you if you have bothered to read even half of them.

Today is a day off in Becky’s world. I was really trying to be faithful to not working at all today, but I failed right away because I HAD to go to FCA at south middle school this morning and then I HAD to deliver the backpacks for our blessings in a backpack ministry because I didn’t want the juice boxes to freeze in my car.

But then I came home and drank coffee and then went for a haircut. And I’ve only talked to the church secretary twice today.

Progress, right?

See, I really don’t want to be a work-a-holic. It’s just that when I know that there is work to do, I hate to stay at home and read and play on the computer and watch tv and drink coffee and wear my ridiculous purple slippers.

I’m reading a book right now by A.J. Jacobs. It’s called “The Year of Living Biblically.” I’ll probably post more about it when I’m done, but so far I really like it. The author is an agnostic Jew who set out on a mission to try to follow the Bible as literally as possible for one year. He read the Bible cover to cover, made a list of all the laws, commandments, and expectations and then tried to live up to it. He struggles a lot with the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law and he tries to have an open mind as he visits a creation museum and hires a consultant to examine his clothes and make sure he doesn’t mix his linen and wool. It’s a very thoughtful, challenging book so far. I should finish it this weekend.

Last night, Jason and I took turns reading something besides Scripture to each other–which was exactly as nerdy as it sounds. He is trying to convert me to Twain (I think Mark Twain was an excellent author, but I don’t think he’s all that funny. The main reason Jason likes Twain is his sense of humor and he keeps LOLing at everything he reads and then he’ll read it out loud to me and look at me expectantly while I wonder if we’ve reached the punchline yet). He thinks I need enlightenment. I think he needs to have his head checked.

Of course, Jason and I just have different senses of humor. He will tell me a joke, I’ll smile because I realize he’s being funny, and then he’ll explain the punchline to me in fine detail because he figures I’m stupid and didn’t get it if I’m not currently rolling on the floor. I think my sense of humor is a bit more random and dry.

We have an open house this Sunday. This means I will spend a significant amount of time cleaning between now and 2:00 on Sunday. Maybe someone will want to buy our house and we can stop cleaning it all the time. I don’t want a dirty house, necessarily, but I also don’t want to have to clean the toaster every morning, either…okay, actually, when I don’t feel like cleaning the toaster, I just stuff it in the oven. Thank goodness for ovens, dryers and dishwashers! Where else would I hide all the clutter?

Wherever you are–stay warm!

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