June 3, 2007

Gentle readers, I may not survive the next few days of last minute trip planning.

It’s only Sunday and the phone rings off the hook, people won’t mail or bring me their essential documents, youthworks has a list of things I need to do that’s about 20 pages long, no one likes the rules, the packing list, the dress code (none of which are mine), and I have one girl who still lacks her birth certificate. I’m not 100 per cent over whatever I had last week, we still don’t have a place to stay next Friday night in Toronto, and I’m worrying way too much about the border crossing.

Other things I’m worrying about: The vehicles, their drivers, whether or not someone will be mugged, whether or not it’s okay for kids to go in groups without an adult at the mall, the kids’ behavior, whether or not all of the luggage will fit, whether or not I’ll be good at driving in Toronto…also, I had a dream that one of the churches that is going–and volunteered their 15 passenger bus–traded their mini-bus in for a charter bus. Charter buses are not allowed. So now I’m having irrational worries, too.

why, Why, WHY did I say I would plan this trip?

Okay, I know why.

Pray anyway.

2 responses to Pray

  1. I feel for you! I know what it is like to find yourself overwhelmed. I will pray for peace during the chaos.

  2. Hm. That doesn’t sound like the Becky I know! You can do this!!! All the details WILL be resolved, and anything that isn’t, God will take care of as need be. So, take a deep breath, tell Him how overwhelmed you are, let it ALL go, step back, and let Him tackle it for you but through you. It’ll just end up one big testament of His grace! And remember, even when things go wrong, there are lessons to be learned in the midst and He take care of all of you regardless of anything you might not have planned perfectly. I am praying!