Presbyterian Church Mascot

At early church a few weeks ago, several of us became a little distracted during the sermon. Dr. Skelly was preaching a good one, no doubt, but when there’s a squirrel climbing a tree right in front of you, it might grab your attention. When there’s a squirrel climbing that same tree with a large biscuit in its mouth, you have to see how it’s going to end.

Well, today, I was summoned to the office to watch a squirrel running around the courtyard. This squirrel also was carrying a large biscuit in its mouth, so of course I decided it’s the same squirrel. Since we’ve needed a mascot for awhile now, I decided that Biscuit the Squirrel is our new mascot.

Figures our church mascot would always have a mouthful of food…

3 thoughts on “Presbyterian Church Mascot”

  1. A biscuit? Where did it get a biscuit? And how hard must it be if he’s still carrying it around almost a week later?

    Do you remember all the UE squirrels? I remember “studying” on the lawn one day and watching a squirrel try to fake me out as he pretended to hide his acorns. Or do you remember how they would PURPOSEFULLY pelt us with squirrels as we walked across campus? Mean little squirrels! I hope Biscuit is a nicer mascot!

  2. I don’t remember the squirrels PURPOSEFULLY pelting us with other squirrels. I wish I could have seen that…

    But yes, I do remember they were out to get me.

    I hope that if our squirrel pelts me with biscuits, they are at least soft.

  3. LOL…I meant to write that they pelted us with acorns. LOL (It was late when I wrote that!)

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