May 19, 2009

I’ve been bad about updating my blog lately, but miracle of miracles, here I am today! Why? Because I have a sermon to write for Sunday! I’m always inspired to blog when I have a sermon to write.

Good news: Our house is officially under contract! We’ve accepted an offer on it and now we just wait for her financing to go through and the inspection. Everyone start praying because this might actually work out! In about 10 days, we should know for sure when we’ll be closing and then it will be time to start moving out and into Grandma Jane’s house. We’re excited about this, but June is going to be a crazy month for me at work (VBS and two mission trips), so hopefully it will go smoothly (and lots of people will come to help us *cough* *cough*).

At the church, we’re working with a skeleton staff this week. Our Pastor, John, and his wife have gone back to their house in Michigan to make some improvements so that they might be able to finally sell it. Also, our custodian, Dave, is in the hospital with Cellulitis. So this morning, I have created a bulletin for Sunday and helped set up the tables for tomorrow night’s dinner (two jobs that I don’t usually do each week).

Currently, Savannah is visiting me. She is the granddaughter of dear friend and church member, June. Savannah likes to ask lots of questions: “How come you have stickers?” “How come there’s bikes in your office?” “How come your husband likes to ride fast on his bike?” “Do you just ride normal on yours?” “Hey, what’s this guitar for?” “Whitney? Who’s Whitney? (in case you were wondering, she’s our guitar player at church)” and she has lot of wisdom to share. “Guess what? My mom says that if you eat an apple a day, it will keep doctors away.”

Anyway, it’s nearly time to meet with our early service musician to rehearse for Sunday morning! And then, maybe, I’ll finally get to write my sermon!

3 responses to Procrastination

  1. I am very happy for you guys! Congrats again!

    And Happy Birthday again! 🙂

  2. We’re happy for you! And will still be praying for your month of June- it’ll be crazy, I’m sure.
    Let’s, now, all pray that Pam and John will have an offer even before they leave Mich! They need that sale sooner than not!!! Now, about Savannah…I thought that she was Helen Posey’s “Little Grand-Dear”. I’m confused now.

  3. Ah, it’s how it is with names 🙂 Helen also has a Savannah.