September 10, 2006

The gutted family room…Jason took the ceiling down today.

The roofers on the roof–they finished!

The septic guys started on Thursday. This is what the yard still looks like. They haven’t been back.

Other than that…I took a full day of Red Cross training yesterday. I had to learn the new numbers and get recertified in everything. I know how to use a Defibrillator now (well, kind of. I know how to use it on you if you’re made out of plastic, don’t have any legs, and the defibrillator has flashlight batteries in it.). What scares me is not having any real practice until there’s an emergency. Any volunteers?

Today was a church day–and it was a busy one! I’m looking forward to another week of after school clubs and the first Brownie meeting of the year! I have 10 girls signed up.

2 responses to Progress

  1. That just makes me think of what I always told my mom whenever I was supposed to clean my room. “You have to make a mess in order to make things cleaner.” She thought it was an excuse, but your photos prove that I was correct!

  2. It is the unfortunate truth.

    In room cleaning, it means that you can either just shuffle the clutter around and put it in neat stacks OR you can pull everything out and toss what you don’t need, etc. and have a cleaner room in the end.