January 12, 2010

Does anyone around my age remember how EVERYONE in high school wanted to be a physical therapist? I mean, it was physical therapist and marine biologist. Most people said this not actually thinking about what kind of classes they would have to take in college to achieve either of these goals.

But anyway, the kids that wanted to be Physical Therapists? They were on to something. I mean, besides the fact that PTs have to change bandages on disgusting surgery incisions, it seems like a pretty sweet gig.

I went for round two of therapy today. On Friday I navigated the building in a wheelchair. Today, I was on crutches the whole way. And guess what–I didn’t fall OR look like an idiot (okay, I didn’t fall…I’m not entirely sure I didn’t look like an idiot). My therapist’s name is Brian and I think he likes his job. He’s got me doing several exercises at home and wants me to keep putting the frozen corn on my foot. He said I’m recovering really well and that once they determine that I can put weight on my foot (maybe next week!), my recovery will go really fast. I’m so glad about that because I really want to get back to normal. I don’t like just sitting and lying around and I actually (gasp!) miss going to the gym. Crutches provide a decent work out for someone like me who is not skilled at using them, but it’s not great and I’ve worked hard the last year and don’t really want to be so far behind.

After the therapy, he made me put my stupid boot on the right way and strapped it on tight, which hurt, but Brian assured me it was for the best. And now I’m sitting at home with a bag of corn on my foot.

I wonder if they teach you about the corn in Physical Therapy school?