(As I’m giving Jason a haircut)

Jonas: Becky, what’s the one question you can never answer?

Me: Oh…ummmm…’How did you die?’

Jonas: NO! It’s ‘are you sleeping!’

Me: Well, yours is less morbid, I guess.

Jonas: Knock, knock

Me: Who’s there?

Jonas: Seymour

Me: Seymour who?

Jonas: Seymour of me when you open door!

Jonas: Knock, knock

Me: Hold on, I have to concentrate or I’ll accidentally give your dad a mohawk.

Jonas: (muttering) ‘I pity the fool…’

Jonas: What does the cannibal doctor charge?

Me: I don’t know

Jonas: An arm and a leg!

Jonas: What driver has never passed a driving test?…A SCREWDriver!

Oy. We have a new joke book…

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