Question mark signphoto © 2008 Colin Kinner | more info (via: Wylio)So, this morning at church, one of my third grade girls raised her hand as soon as I entered the Sunday School room and closed the door behind me.

“Ms. Becky? How do we know the Bible is a real book?”

“No. I mean, how do we know it’s true and not a lie?”

“But what about dinosaurs?”

“Dinosaurs were there before God was born, though.”

“No, not Jesus. God. Before God was born.”

“What does that mean? Where did God come from?”

“Where did Jesus come from?”

“Was Jesus a for real person?”

“How do you know?”

“How do you know that *they* weren’t lying?”

“Where does the universe end?”

I’m glad I ate my wheaties…Please note: this week’s lesson will be taught next week.

3 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. While teaching Wee Worship (3-5 year olds) today we were talking about Jesus having to leave soon to get God’s house ready and that Thomas was a little nervous about not knowing the way and that Jesus was going to leave again. I asked them who they thought Thomas was and one girl said, “Oh, He’s the blue train with a little bit of red.” It was pretty hard not to laugh! The things kids say…

  2. Sometimes, Children will ask the questions that make you want to running back to Seminary to make SURE you have the right answer! We all need a good spiritual challenge once in a while, don’t we?

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