Quick Update

February 5, 2009

Well, it’s been 9 days and we still are without power. We’re still living at Mom’s. It’s a blessing that she was able to take us in (and we hope we’re being good houseguests), but we do miss being in our own home. I think Jason is particularly having a hard time, but you would never know it since he’s working extra hard to keep things normal. The good thing about mom’s house is that she has two spare rooms so Jason and I can have one and Jonas has the other. Mom was even so kind as to let us bring our oaf of a dog with us (although we chose to leave Simon the cat at the house).

Kenergy told Jason on Monday that it could be 2-4 weeks before our power is restored. I’m not sure if all of you in Blog Land are aware, but we’ve had quite a weather event around here. There are several school districts that are nowhere near ready to begin classes again and thousands and thousands of people still without power. On a high note, the major freeze is over. Temps are supposed to be in the 50s for the next several days, so at least all the ice will melt and the utility workers that are climbing poles 16 hours each day will get a break. Also, the pipes in our house suvived and warmer weather means we can stop worrying that they will freeze and burst.

I’m at the church right now. I have some work still to do and worship team practice at 7 tonight. Stay warm!