Rainy Friday

March 31, 2006

It’s very rainy here today! What a letdown after yesterday’s beautiful weather! My brother Jeff is in town and yesterday, Jason, Jeff, and I were sitting on the patio at the Mi Cocina enjoying the sunshine and the breeze. Today, Jeff is going to speak to Jonas’ class about Thailand before he heads back to Merrillville.

Jason put an ad out on Friday for his business and he’s picked up several more houses because of it. He’s been busy this week–but that’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. He’s not going to do much work today with the rain.

Tomorrow we have a benefit pancake breakfast and rummage sale for a family in our church that lost their house and everything in it in a fire. The family made it out without injury, but it must be devastating to lose all material posessions in 20 minutes. If you’re in the area, breakfast (all you can eat, $5 a ticket) is from 7-10:30 and the rummage sale is from 7-1!

Stay dry out there!