Random Stuff

June 22, 2007

So, I took the super husband grocery shopping last night. He hardly ever goes with me. I kind of have a system for grocery shopping. I take the aisles in a very specific order. Jason doesn’t know my order and he kept turning down stray aisles–“Hey!” he would say, “We need bread!” Through clenched teeth, I would say, “We don’t start at bread–I have a system.”

Then when we got to the checkout, it was really funny. I have a specific order that the groceries go on the counter. Liquids–like milk, orange juice, water; cans and jars; frozen foods; refrigerated foods, boxes of things, smushable things, hba and household stuff. Jason knows I have an order, but he kept putting things up on the checkout counter. So just to be obnoxious, I kept taking the things and putting them back in the cart. Fortunately, he has a sense of humor.

How did he get me back? This morning, he woke up before me, stood up on the bed and started jumping. The he opened all of the blinds in the house, including the ones in the bedroom. He really can’t open just one blind or just one window. Once he opens one, he has to open all of them. When I complained, he said, “I don’t want to hear it, little miss grocery cart!”

I just saw a guy on the today show who was just getting his Sallie Mae payment booklet in the mail. Poor guy. He’ll be paying those things back forever! Unless he’s like my sister and writes a sad letter about how she lives in the woods and gives back to society by turning troubled teenagers into productive members of society. She doesn’t have student loans from Sallie Mae anymore.

Have you seen the insurance commercial with the scientists reattaching the lucky rabbits’ feet? Ha–it makes me laugh every time. I love watching those little bunnies hopping around with their dyed feet…

It’s raining here. Storming, really. We’re supposed to take Jonas horseback riding tonight with the cub scouts.

5 responses to Random Stuff

  1. First of all, I’d totally do the jumping on the bed/blinds thing. Go Jason!

    Second,I get my Sallie Mae booklet in January. 🙁

    Third of all, that commercial actually creeps me out a little. And my science mind can’t let go of all the impossibilities of it.

    Fourth of all, I hope it stops raining for the little cubs.

    Fifth of all, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. You have a system for grocery shopping? I am so random and horrible at shopping. I go in with no idea what to get and just buy what sounds good at the time. I don’t even compare prices.

  3. I did stop raining and we did get to go to the ranch.

    Peachy–I now have an image of you wandering helplessly around the grocery store with no plan.

  4. Sarah Oyehreenday June 23, 2007 at 11:05 am

    That’s hilarious. I’m kinda like you and Peachy both when I shop… I have a system for putting things on the counter… but I don’t have a system or any kind of plan (usually) whenever I’m actually getting items. It’s more odd if K and I go shopping together… he usually gets the stuff he wants and I get the stuff I want… I usually try to put them on the counter and cart in a certain way, while he just does it all randomly and so it’s half order and disorder. The only think I refuse to let him do is smash the bread… he seems to think bread is bread and it doesn’t matter if it’s smashed… YOU CAN’T MAKE sandwiches very well with smashed bread is my reasoning.

  5. Brian and Kristina Schmitt June 23, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    lol..this one is cracking me up, but its fun.

    I have to admit I am with Becky when it comes to the whole order thing. I start in one spot at the grocery and end up at the register, then I know I have covered everything and not missed anything. However I am MUCH MORE anal retentive when it comes to taking things out of the cart.
    You have to have a definite system here. Some grocery clerks don’t know better about not putting the clorox with the fresh fruit.
    I put all my heavy item together, my dailry products, my frozen food, snaller boxxes, perishable vs non preishable etc. It makes unloading and putting away much easier when I get home too. YET, my man too does not see a need for any system and he drives me CRAAZY sometimes when we shop together! 🙂

    As for the booklet…I got mine loooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, enh…big whoop, I don’t think I have sent them a little coupon from it in years though…I have it directly sent from my bank. I love online banking!
    But I would like a copy of this letter…I could benefit from never again paying them, heck we got Jr on the way!!

    Don’t think I have seen the rabbit commercial, but the motorcycle commercial with Governor McDaniels (?) really bugs me.

    We got rain too, it made the garden REALLLLLLY muddy and when I tried to step in and get an onion yesterday I sank and nearly lost my sandal!! Then my foot w as all gooey and gross!