Rehearsal Dinner

The Six Bridesmaids rehearsing: Paige, Karlene, Shannon, Becky, Rebecca and Amanda.

Jenny chose our order (except for Amanda, the Maid of Honor) by drawing our names out of hat on Friday afternoon.

Jenny and her father practice their walk

Jenny and Zach get instructions from the pastor.

Practice taking Communion

After the couple is announced, the theme song from Rocky will play and we’ll all walk out of the church.

Jason and I waiting to head to the rehearsal dinner. We got lost on the way to the church and called Paige and Michael for help and then were adopted by Michael. He will lead us everywhere we have to drive for the rest of the weekend and be on standby if we should ever get lost again on our own. Also, since we were all waiting together, he took our picture.

Nanny, Aunt Cheryl and Jenny’s Mom, Becky, at the Rehearsal Dinner

Jenny and Zach arrive finally! Why were they so late?

Because the shoes she wore to the Rehearsal ruined her pedicure! Zach (showing what a prince he really is) drove her to the nail salon before they came to the dinner and the ladies re-did her nails and gave her these awesome shoes.

One of my favorite moments at the dinner was when Jenny was talking to an out of town guest and her little neice Adria notices her feet and starts saying, “Jenny! Jenny! How did you make your shoes? How did you make your shoes? Jenny?”

Jenny’s comment about it all? “At least they had purple.”