Rethink Advent Day 1: Go

Sunday Dec 1 089


Green means “go,” Red means “stop.”

We learn this from the time we are small so that on the day we’re finally holding a set of car keys in our hand, it’s ingrained in our understanding of how to navigate roadways.




Two colors we see a lot of this time of year.

In the Holiday landscape, it can seem that both colors mean “go.” Gogogogogo!

Errands. Parties. Gifts. Trips to the mall. School programs. Church programs. Bake cookies. Take pictures. Wrap presents. Take the kids to see Santa Claus. Make lists and check the items off…

Go. Go. Go. GO!

But what if we stopped? What if instead of gogogoing all the time, we slowed our pace so that we were no longer rushing and moving and shaking.

If we look at the beautiful things of this season–the reasons we celebrate it, we realize nothing in that has to do with GO.

The family we love to be with…the smiles on the faces of children you love…candelight and treelights…the Christ child, whose birth we celebrate–all beckon us to STOP.

May the red and the green of the Christmas season (or the Advent colors of purple and pink) all be an invitation to stop. Or slow down anyway.

Blessings on you as you begin this Advent/Christmas journey!


note: today is December 1. I’ll be blogging every day during Advent (Dec. 1-24 this year) as part of the Rethink Church photo project. Today’s word is “Go.” Tomorrow’s is “Bound.” Join me in this project!