Rethinking Advent Day 16: Strong

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“Show me what strong looks like,” I said.

The little boy, waiting for his mom to pick him up from our after school program replied, “Why, Chicken?”

He calls me Chicken. This is slightly confusing since this nickname came out of nowhere, but we had a 9 year old boy at our Parents’ Night Out on Friday night who started calling everyone Butt Cheek, so i realize now there are worse nicknames.

“Just…what does strong look like?”

He strikes this pose. Then growls for effect.

There you have it. Five Year-Old strong.

Of course, we all know that strong sometimes looks different than this pose. This represents physical strength to a degree, but we know that strength can sometimes come in the form of mental or emotional determination. Sometimes strength is signified by surviving. The strong don’t always win or have the biggest muscles. Sometimes the strong quietly keep on…keeping on.

Some people are being strong this season. As everyone around them gives into the holly and the jolly, they are the ones just hanging on, hanging in and doing their best to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We don’t always think of them when we’re “acting” strong, but their strength to keep going inspires me.