Rethinking Advent Day 17: Free



Music is freeing. Sometimes you can’t find the right words to say or describe how you feel…but then there’s a perfect song or lyric that speaks for you. There’s something about how music can be anything–any rhythm, any flavor, any words.  There’s music to dance to…and music to sing along to…and music that just requires listening…and music that happens too fast to comprehend…and music with confusing lyrics…and music you have to listen to sixteen times before you memorize it..and music you memorize after hearing it for the first time….and music that gets stuck in your head all day. And isn’t it beautiful that new songs are created every day? For all the music we have in the world, there’s still more music to be made. Your favorite song of all time may have not been written yet! You may even have a song inside of you that you’ll write down and share some time.

In case you’re wondering, I was not playing this monstrous piece of music…well, I was with my right hand, one note at a time. I was practicing because I’m singing it on Sunday morning. In English, mostly, in case you are worried about the Italian.