Rethinking Advent Day 20: Good News

good news


I’m still seeking ways to quiet my life and remain focused on good news during this season of Advent!

Yesterday, I set up the prayer stations for Advent IV. This is one of them.

Read along in Luke 2:1-20 if you need a reminder of who we’re celebrating. A baby born to a young unmarried couple in a borrowed outdoor structure of some sort, celebrated by shepherds and angels.

Then go be good news to the people you’ll encounter today, remembering that God did not focus God’s lavish love on the “important” or the “right” people alone, but rather chose to entrust his greatest gift to the young, the poor, the simple, the unexpected.

It’s rainy here, which is not looking like good news for a lot of people as we’ve already received more than two inches and it’s falling fast and hard. Basements are flooding, people are being trapped on more rural roads and travel is more hazardous than usual.

Stay safe out there!