Rethinking Advent Day 19: Patient



Today, little sister Katie and I made glitter ornaments that she can give to her family members and friends at school.

Here’s the pin that links to the website I used to make them. I couldn’t believe how well it worked and how cool it was.

So where did patience figure in?

Well, have you ever poured floor wax and glitter into tiny little holes at the top of ornaments before?

Actually, have you ever poured glitter anywhere before? Oh, so much glitter. So, so, so much glitter.

Also, these ornaments are glass. Guess who sat on her bag of ornaments, all wrapped up and finished and ready for her family and school friends? (Yes, Katie.)

So guess who had to patiently get all of the materials out of the cabinets again and set up a workspace so Katie could make a new ornament for her mother and her baby cousin and whoever else lost their ornaments in “the incident?” (Yes, me.)

It’s a time of year when it can be hard to be patient. For me, Advent Fatigue hit yesterday afternoon hard. I’m so tired. Maybe you are, too. We’re tired of waiting in long lines. We’re weary of our to-do lists that are still only half-completed. Our hands hurt from writing Christmas cards and we’re tired of the commercials. We may be over the music and the lights and the flashiness of the season.

But we are still waiting. It is still Advent. Our patience is still required.

Today, I’m going to set my to-do list aside and spend time with friends. Coffee with one or two; lunch with another; dinner and board games with still others. I’m well-rested from a good night’s sleep and hopeful that at the end of it all, the particular fatigue I feel will subside some.

Happy Friday!