Rethinking Advent Day 21: Prophet

Just in case you think I’ve actually got this whole Advent thing figured out, I would like to point out that I’ve fallen behind on posting. To ice the cake of forgetfulness (is there such a thing? There should be. There should be a cake for all sorts of less than desirable qualities, I think. Cake of procrastination…cake of tardiness…cake of cheapskatery…), I never even took a picture yesterday for “prophet.”

But here’s the thing. On March 1, I didn’t take a photo for the word “prophet” either. But the word that day in the Lenten Photo-a-Day challenge was also “prophet.” So I’m reblogging my post from March 1. You can follow that link to read it, but I promise you, it’s exactly what is below.

Blessings to all the prophets God has used in my life!



What is a prophet? Sure, there are official job descriptions and callings and titles that come to mind when I think of this word.

Yet, simply, the way I understand “prophet” is “mouthpiece of God.”

A prophet is one through whom God speaks.

At the risk of being sacrilegious, I would suggest that God speaks to me through you…and you…and even you!

You said something that made me realize what God had been pressing on my heart for some time.

You wrote something that caused me to pause and reconsider my perspective.

Your actions taught me what it was to be like Jesus.

Thank you!

Maybe you’re not always up to the description of “prophet,” but probably even when you didn’t realize it, God was using your words and actions to teach someone else.

To me, that prospect is both awesome and terrifying.