Rethinking Advent Day 22: Sign

dec22 068


“What’s on this table?”

Six year-old Nelson stood up from his chair where he had been coloring a magi cut-out for the manger scene at the family-friendly interactive prayer station and walked over to another table where a different, slightly more contemplative station was set up.

“Well,” I told him, “You sit and you think about all the ways God has shown love for you. Like, maybe through the people who love you or the good things that you have.”

He smiled at me, He nodded his understanding. Then he sat down in a chair and sat still for about 3 minutes, which is a very long time for a six year-old.

I watched him as he stared at the candles on the table and appeared deep in thought. I thought about how important it is to look for the signs of God in my life…and for Nelson to do the same…and for each of us to do the same.

God is good. But sometimes life is hard. Life is hard and it can be hard to see where God is or what God is doing. It can be hard to see when we are grieving or exhausted or overwhelmed or depressed. During this time of year, all of that can feel magnified. This is a hard time of the year if life is not all it was hoped to be.

So, sit and think of all the ways God has already shown love for you. Even if you’re not sure there’s anything current to add to the list, think of the things that have already demonstrated God’s love in your life.

Nelson thought of his mom and his sisters and his friends and toys and his house. I think of my family near and far, my home, the work I’m called to do and our sweet dog, Sam. How about you?