I do love my job. And I really love my job in November. There are so many great events in the life of our church during November. The Fall Retreat at Camp Loucon in Lietchfield, KY is one of the best things our youth group does each year. It’s great because it’s the whole group together and a lot of our students can make it or do make it a priority to attend.

We have 13 students and 3 adults (and an adult and student from First Presbyterian Church Sturgis, KY riding with us) leaving late this afternoon (Friday) to make our way to camp. 100 other students and adults from 9 other churches will meet us there.

My hope is that it would be a restful weekend for our students and that they would allow themselves to disconnect from their stressful worlds and spend time with the community and God.

I’m going into this weekend at not quite 100%…but I’m going to do my best to rest in the knowledge that God’s really the one leading our retreat and the other youth directors and I have done our parts to prepare.

It’s going to be a beautiful, cool weekend at Loucon! I hope you enjoy yours, wherever you are!