River City Food Co-op

So, I have become obnoxious about food. My blog a couple weeks about about my five ingredient thing was only the beginning. I watched “Food, Inc” and that ruined everything. I’ve spent the last week eating naturally, organically, sustainably and ethically. It’s been hard, honestly. I’ve eaten a lot less meat and a lot more vegetables.

I’ve heard about the food co-op in Evansville before from Whitney. Yesterday I decided to drive over there and check it out. I loved it!

I picked up some hamburger patties from Fischer Farms in Jasper. The girl working at the co-op told me that they get their meat shipments every Friday. I was there on Thursday afternoon, so I was too late to get the chicken I was hoping for. Fischer Farms raises cattle without antibiotics or steroids. I picked up some organic potatoes and organic frozen corn.

Friday night, Whitney came over and we had the burgers, oven fries, organic carrots, salad and all natural ice cream. I forgot about the corn, so I’ll use it with Monday night’s dinner. It was really delicious. I meant to take some pictures of the finished product, but I completely forgot once it was time to eat.

I’m going to try to make it back to the co-op this Friday and check out the full meat selection.