Rotary Field Day

October 6, 2006

Every year, the Rotarians sponsor Rotary Field Day for all of the elementary schools in town. The schools have try-outs for Track and Field events and each school brings between 20 and 30 1st-6th graders (age categories are 6-7, 8-9, 10-12). They wear team t-shirts, cheer to win the Spirit award, and compete in events all morning at one of the middle schools.

Unfortunately, despite pretty weather the day before, it was cold, windy and rainy!

Jonas tries to keep me warm.

Jonas competed in Standing Long Jump.

Jonas and his friend, Alex, from church!

4 responses to Rotary Field Day

  1. How did he do in the long jump?

  2. Well, he did not place. I’m not sure how far he jumped.

    Holy Name took home the first place trophy overall, though.

  3. Cool! A group victory is definitely something to be proud of!

  4. Yay! A picture of Becky!