Run Run Run

A few months back, I blogged about quitting my small, women’s gym and joining the YMCA. I offer this update (that’s all about me and exercise. God bless my readers.):

I am really, really glad I switched.

My small gym was wonderful, and I had a community there and I do miss that because when I’m at the Y, I’m mostly in my own little world with my earbuds in and my music on loud so I can’t really hear anyone else. I’ve become coordinated enough that I can take the earbuds out of my ears while still working out and talk to someone who knows me and stops to chat for a moment, but that’s about all the community that’s happening at the Y for me. I’m okay with that, though.

I really do like the diversity of machines available to me, and I do try to use the weight machines each week and have even started running some on the indoor track (which gets my heart pumping like nothing else).

My favorite machine is the Elliptical Trainer. I love it. Probably too much because I don’t actually want to use all the other machines that are available to me. It gets my heart pumping, it’s takes just enough coordination to keep me focused, and it has a place to keep my iPhone so I can listen to music and read “Cross” on my Kindle App. I can input the data when I’m done into Runkeeper, which is good for someone like me who does better with some sort of accountability.

I’m using the machine about 5 times a week and am working my way up to an hour (not on the days I lift weights–then it’s 25 minutes in the weight room and about 25 minutes on the elliptical).

There are two things I struggle with in my work outs: Making myself work as hard as I can (that’s where Runkeeper as an accountability device comes in handy) and boredom.

I get so bored when I’m working out. I suppose this is part of being a multi-tasker. I don’t want to JUST work out. I want to work out WHILE…

There are TVs everywhere, but the volume is down and the closed captioning is on and the ellipitical machines are all in the middle of the room away from the TVs, so it can be hard to see the words or keep up with what’s going on. Plus people at my gym like Fox News and I really don’t. It seems unnecessary to have three TVs in a line all turned to the same channel, but whatever.

On most days, I bring my phone in with me, so I have music, the apps I can manage while I keep up the pace and my Kindle app. Sometimes friends will text me while I’m there, which is a wonderful because it takes me a little longer to reply and and keep up the pace and I use up some of those minutes focusing on hitting the right part of the screen while in motion.

Occasionally, there’s an interesting conversation on which I can eavesdrop, but not usually. Usually I’m turning the volume up to avoid hearing the boring conversations that are happening around me. Sometimes I’ll know the person on the machine next to me and that person wants to chat. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

On days I don’t have my phone, I pray. This probably means I should leave my phone behind more often so I spend more gym time praying. But it’s kind of a distracted praying because there’s so much happening around me. I usually alternate between praying for individual friends and family members a minute at a time.

I suppose that really, I need to stop doing so much multi-tasking and be more in tune with my body and breathing in and out and moving my muscles. I think I’ll get there eventually and maybe boredom won’t be an issue. Right now, I’m just trying to survive that hour.

Still, I love the Y.

Do you work out? How’s it going?