Safe Arrival

March 11, 2007

We are here! We got in around 8:30 last night. We are not “pod people,” but are instead staying in the bunkhouse this time. This has its ups and downs. We are not the only group in the bunkhouse, so there are some “territory” issues, but we trust that this will clear up today. Some of our roommates are Americorp volunteers and others are teenagers from Fort Collins, CO and Blair Academy in New Jersey.

There are groups here this week from Fort Collins, Rock Prairie, Wisconsin, Blair Academy, and Americorp.

We will go to church this morning, grab lunch, and then drive to New Orleans to look around for a bit. After that, we’ll eat dinner out and then go shopping for groceries for tomorrow. Our group will do all of the meal planning and facility cleaning tomorrow. I’m not sure what will happen for the rest of the week.

3 responses to Safe Arrival

  1. Cool! Glad you’ve arrived safely!

  2. Hi All,
    So glad you are all safe. We miss all of you. Church was without the sound system(everyone had to move front a bit) or anyone seated in the choir loft. Garry played a marvelous piece for the Anthem. Rest up this afternoon. Send pics when you can.

  3. Missed you all yesterday. Becky, alomost all the best laid plans worked.

    We remembered you all in prayer in worship Have a meaningful and productive week.

    God bless you.