Last week, Sam got his haircut. Our groomer takes everything off and he looks more like a lab than a golden when he’s done. I don’t doubt he loves the attention he gets from Allie–like a spa day! He always comes home and acts like he’s in charge and lays around for the rest of the day. He also believes that since he’s clean, it’s okay to hop up on the bed whenever he wants. The other day he took advantage of it every time I left our bedroom for anything. I’d come back and he’d be curled up with his head resting on my pillow.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and Sam is no exception. He is such a faithful friend. At home everyone knows that if they can find me, they’ll find Sam, too. Sitting by the bed while I blog, next to me on the couch when I watch tv, against the kitchen baseboards while I make dinner, following me around the yard outside…Sam’s always there. He waits for me to come home and follows me to the door when I leave. As I go from room to room, he jumps up from whatever comfortable position he’s in and follows me so closely that if I walk too slowly, he steps on the backs of my ankles.

He’s so loyal to me I can forgive the way he always wakes me up nearly every morning–either by putting his face under the blankets and nudging me until I sit up or by standing next to the bed and putting his face on my pillow and suffocating me with his dog breath.