Saturday Afternoon

We’ve lived in our new home for two weeks now. It feels as though it was once built with us in mind. We love it very much and all five of the Durhams (dog and cat included) are happy here.

Other things going on:

I’m still single-tasking my way through Lent…with a couple of bumps along the way. Also, do you know how boring it is to unpack and organize without some sort of distraction? It is possible that’s one of the reasons the unpacking and organizing happened so quickly…

Jason is starting a new advertising push with his business. The family and a couple of kind friends spent the morning walking neighborhoods, inserting his latest ad and coupon in about 800 newspaper boxes.

I’m making the second pot of coffee for today right now.

We’re going to a friend’s house later to watch the Cats play the Cards.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday!

I’m in the middle of a semi-vacation. I took Thursday off (and Friday and today as my usual days off) and then I’m taking Monday-Wednesday as well. It’s not too relaxing so far as I’ve spent it cleaning and organizing and catching up on all the tasks that have fallen by the way-side.

Jonas is watching “Napoleon Dynamite,” which means I need to finish this single task so I can go join him in that single task! (He just came in our room and said, “What are you going to do today, Napoleon?” “Whatever I want to do. GOSH.” He’s fun.)

Enjoy the weekend!