Saturday Morning

I’m feeling a lot of things this morning:

(let’s get the less wonderful ones out of the way first)

Disappointment: The child tried to pull a fast one last night. Typical 12 year old kid stuff, but still disappointing. His parents are pretty sharp however and we figured it out kind of quickly. He gets to do some chores this morning and we get to sit back and watch him.

Hurt: About a situation that is out of my control.

Concern: For people in my life who are struggling with health issues or grief issues or just all the pain that sometimes rains down.

(and now the upswing)

Successful: I survived another April Fool’s Day without falling for the usual pranks and trickery (sorry to my friend Melissa who posted that she’s pregnant and I immediately replied that I don’t believe anything posted on April 1 and then accidentally led all of her friends in a conspiracy against her….and she’s actually going to have a baby in November.)

Excitement: About a new (extra-curricular) project/team that I joined this week. There are some really amazing possibilities that go along with it and it will challenge me as a leader and as a writer. More details about this in the next week, I hope!

Nervous: The above project will challenge me in some other ways too, and I’m anxious about whether or not I’ll be able to meet those challenges (but hopeful that I will)..

Peace: It’s Spring Break and I’m taking some time off.

Joy: About the quiet, beautiful, unplanned day ahead. Nothing I need to accomplish. No chores that need to be done (by me, anyway).

Hopeful: That even though I’m pretty inadequate, God still calls me to do some really unbelievable things.

Grateful: For my family and the wonderful friends and supporters God places in my life.