Say You Want A Revolution?

So I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” on Hulu. There are a certain reality shows that I can watch and certain reality shows that I cannot stand to watch. “Food Revolution” is pretty watchable, actually.

Basically, Jamie Oliver is in Huntington, WV, and he’s trying to start a food revolution. He chose Huntington because it is the least healthy city in the United States. He implements changes in the school cafeteria, he works with a family of children who already have health problems due to obesity, he teaches teenagers how to be food activists, he teaches 1,000 people how to cook a healthy stir fry dish, and he basically fights an uphill battle while doing all of these things. The head lunch lady doesn’t care for him or his “make it from fresh” methods, a local radio DJ tries to keep him from being successful, and it’s possible the family he tried to help completely cheated.

Now, this show is a reality show. That means you have to watch for some tricky editing. You also have to watch out because it tugs on your heart strings every chance it gets.

But the fact of the matter is, Jamie Oliver is trying to spread some common sense. The fact that french fries count as vegetables in school lunch and Jamie was required to add a hamburger bun to an otherwise healthy vegetable stir fry is silly. It’s understandable that the cafeteria staff wasn’t entirely excited about switching from processed, heat and serve foods (like chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers) to dishes made from raw ingredients, but it’s hard to argue that fresh and natural isn’t better. Of course some of the people of Huntington are offended that a reality show has showed up and is focusing on the fact that they are nation’s least healthy city, but ignoring it or fighting it doesn’t help.

Overall, I would say that this show is very educational and interesting. It’s also important viewing for community leaders and especially parents and those involved in school feeding programs.

Also, I would mention that Jamie Oliver is rather easy on the eyes.

And you should never, ever again eat chicken nuggets.

Bon apetit!

*this post written as a reader request (ha ha–that’s my fancy way of telling you Nibby suggested I write it.)