Searching For Something? You Might Find Me!

October 18, 2007

So I have a sitemeter on my blog. I put it on there like a year ago when one of my blog friends put one on hers and was curious about a particular visitor to her site (Sunnydale, CA, I believe…). I added one and haven’t really paid it much attention since I did. It will give you the location of someone who browses your blog, which is interesting, especially when it’s somewhere far away or unknown…but you don’t get any specific details about the person browsing, so it’s all a mystery, really.

But one time I decided to see how people found my blog. I was entertained by some of the searches that led people to my blog. It will show you what people typed into a search engine that brought them to the blog–whether they wanted to find it or not. These are very interesting, of course.

I checked again today during a break. Here is a list of what people typed into search engines that eventually led them to my blog:

things that make sense:
Brownie investiture

eckerd youth alternative (my sister used to work for them)

blessings in a backpack (a program at our church)

perler beads

power lab (our new vbs curriculum)

Philpot, KY (where we take our Operation Christmas Child boxes)

things that make me laugh:
kids hair clip blog (which led them to the story about how I wore a little pink hair clip around one day without realizing it)

lake tubing

Wyssbrod Oprah

How Can I Clean My Cell Phone? (which led to the blog that described how I washed my cell phone in the washing machine and broke it–hopefully they didn’t think that was advice)

fat free gas station vanilla cappuccino

im puking up my baby bumblebee song

ms becky’s back to school supplies

After that, I got tired to searching. Mind you, I wish that some more useful searches would have led people here like: “What’s the meaning of life?” or “How can I know that God loves me?” But I’ll take “im puking up my baby bumblebee” anytime.

4 responses to Searching For Something? You Might Find Me!

  1. It’s so funny to me that you posted this because….Whenever I’m at school using a computer other than mine I always type in “Hennyfair’s Haven” so that I don’t have to type my addy in directly. The first thing that pops up is “Becky’s Blog” and then it says something about some comments I’ve made on yours. Which, you have to know, makes me laugh because it eventually makes me also think of how I often end up at “The Crosswalk” when doing such searches, also. So anyway, I was thinking about this very idea today and wondering if you ever realized I did that (used your blog to get to mine). So, uh, yeah. That’s all from Hennyfair. 🙂

  2. No, but actually, I did forget to mention “hennyfair’s haven” as a search prompt that led to my blog…

    I also find “the crosswalk” from time to time.

    And after all those times that they threatened and told me that they would delete it if I didn’t update it for six months…8 years later, it’s still around. The web owners must have figured it was too profound to delete.

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon October 19, 2007 at 2:24 am


  4. Yeah at times I check my counter and am utterly amused. I have had a few people from Israel. Which makes me giddy.