Seder Meal

April 10, 2009

We had our annual Seder meal last night at the church.

The tables were beautifully set by Bitsy Horton. The service and elements were prepared by Phyllis Blasser and Carol Lambert!

The Choir table.

Ruth Clum, Bob Clum, Peggy Williams and Dave Beshear held down the kitchen and provided this beautiful buffet.

Reverend John led the service.

Samuel Hodge asked the four questions.

It was a fun and meaningful celebration!

2 responses to Seder Meal

  1. What is a seder dinner?

  2. Nibby,

    It’s a Jewish meal traditionally celebrated on the first night of Passover. At our church, we do it on Holy Thursday (also known as Maundy Thursday). Also, at our church, it’s a Christian Seder meal, which means that communion is also served as we remember the Last Supper Jesus shared with his Disciples (which was also the Passover meal).