Seeing Jesus Behind Jacob’s Eyes

Jacob is in first grade. Today while I was trying to fix a problem with his favorite computer (it has a game he really likes to play) he was standing next to me, barely able to wait until he could play his game again. I wrote this conversation down in the art room as soon as I could.

Jacob: Ms. Becky–is it fixed yet?

Me: No

J: Will it be fixed soon?

Me: I hope so.

J: Is it hard to fix?

Me: Well, yes. So don’t get your hopes up because I don’t know what’s wrong.

J:I know! I’ll ask Jesus to fix it! He’s way better. Dear Jesus, please fix it. Will you? Okay. Thanks.

Me: (still working with the cables)

J: He said yes.

Me: Oh?

J: Yes. I can see Jesus behind my eyes and he nodded his head.

Me: Awesome!

J: You know, if you really believe in Jesus and you’re quiet and stuff and look deep into your mind, you could hear Jesus and ask him questions and things like that.

Me: You’re so smart, Jacob! That’s absolutely true.

J: But I get to see him behind my eyes when I close them.

Me: (click, click, click)

J: Yay! It’s fixed! You did it, Jesus! Tell him thank you, Ms. Becky.

Me: Thank you, Jesus. And thank you, Jacob.

J: For what? I just looked at Jesus behind my eyes.


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