Pastor Terry Jones has had way too much camera time this week.

“We’re burning the Qur’ans.” “If Jesus tells me not to do it, I won’t do it and that’s the only way I’ll change my mind.” “If the imam agrees to move the Mosque at Ground Zero, I won’t do it.” “We’re not burning the Qur’ans.” “Changed my mind, we’re burning them again.”

And every time, he gets a camera and a microphone in his face and gets to give voice to his poorly thought out arguments and words of hate and ignorance. A voice is given to a man who represents only a small amount of people. His story and picture and ugly sign are broadcast around the world and citizens of other countries hate us even more than they already did (which in some cases seemed impossible).

Americans should not burn books. Especially not sacred books, no matter whose religion those sacred books represent. Especially if those books represent any religion.

It makes me sad that Muslims are often represented by just a few extremists. It makes me sad that American Christians are often represented by just a few extremists.

The media has the power and influence to give a voice to important issues and make the world aware of situations of violence, poverty, slavery and disaster. The media also can give a voice and a microphone to extremists and media whores. Shame on our American media–all branches of it–for turning a sad, misdirected Florida pastor into a celebrity who has us all hanging by a thread, waiting to see what will happen tomorrow morning. Shame on our media for covering his story rather than the stories that matter on the eve of September 11.

5 thoughts on “Seriously.”

  1. When there are competing, 24-hour broadcast media outlets, two things are going to happen:
    First, a great deal of mindless drivel will be turned into "news" simply because the media have time to fill.
    Second, even stories worth reporting are going to be reported and re-reported and analyzed without end ad nausium for the same reason.
    There is a lot of blame-the-media sentiment expressed nowadays — as there is plenty of blame-somebody, anybody-but-me sentiment afoot, but the media present what people will watch and pay to watch via cable and satellite. There is plenty of blame to go around, so let's start at home.

  2. Nibby: my mom will be proud.

    Ben: I agree–we have to assume a certain amount of blame. News is a business and if it "bleeds, it leads." I get that. Knowing that is what made me turn off the television this morning and listen to Madonna instead.

    Madonna: You're awesome.

  3. I agree the coverage of this pastor is silly. Thanks to the media, the world is given more reason to hate America.

    However, I think this story is getting coverage for a deeper reason than a media flaw. I think God is working behind the scenes. Issues that Americans have swept under the carpet are starting to materialize again. Issues like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and how we deal with terrorist and fundamentalist.

    I don't agree that Terry Jones is a nut case, idiot, or crazy. I think he believes something very strongly, and he hasn't done anything to negate his right to express his morals and beliefs.

    America is in a messy situation at this moment. And we want to have a scapegoat. We blame Terry Jones and never deal with the underlining issues. American politics is vasty to blame for the unrest. Key governmental officials are urging this pastor to back down because his actions could encourage violence. I wish to state this very clearly. The pastor's actions will not blow up buildings and cause suicide bombings. That blame is to be placed on the terrorist themselves. If we blame this pastor we are crossing a line.

    This pastor (in my thoughts) has been slandered and made a scapegoat. I don't agree that Quran burning is a Christian action, but i don't have the right to oppress him because I disagree with him. I STILL consider him a brother in Christ. Fear, manipulation, and the blame game is the real tragedy of this sudden fame.

    (Sorry for the tirade, but I have wanted to rant about this and didn't have another outlet.)

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