She’ll Sleep Anywhere

November 16, 2006

Katie’s post about Fifi hearts Niklas caused me to look for pictures of Simon adoring Jason. Instead, I found a lot of pictures of her sleeping…everywhere. This will only be amusing to some of you, but here they are, anyway!

In Jason’s coat.

On the radio in the kitchen.

On her back.
With Jonas’ pal, Scooter.
On top of me when I took a nap.

In Jonas’ blanket.

On a ladder.

One response to She’ll Sleep Anywhere

  1. Now, don’t take this wrong in any way, but the funniest part of that to me is that you had a camera ready to take pictures of all of that. I suppose if I even liked animals a little itty bit, I might do the same, but I don’t! So, though Simon is cute in those pictures and it just makes me wonder what makes a cat want to nap on a radio, I still find it amusing that you have that many photographic memories of it. 🙂