Shopping at the Roanoke Festival Park Gift Shop

October 10, 2006

Well, I found some cool books that I didn’t buy. I think people thought I was kind of nuts taking pictures of books.

They really only had like 16 of these books, so I thought it was funny that they had 3 of your names! I looked for the names that are missing, I really did! But alas, they did not exist.

I’m blogging like crazy on the youth blog, but I wanted to update this blog, too.

10 responses to Shopping at the Roanoke Festival Park Gift Shop

  1. How absolutely adorable!!!!
    I am glad to know understand your addressing of me as “Jenny Jellyfish” on your comment to my post. I was lost on that one!

    I have been looking at all of your youth blog posts. I just didn’t know if it was okay to comment in the usual fashion on that one!

    You look like you’re having a blast! Your accommodations looks awesome too! Hope you’re having as good of a time as it appears!

  2. It’s okay to comment, because these kids don’t care about my blog!

  3. Hey, are you saying I am as big as a WHALE????

    Totally just kidding.

    That is quite intriguing that 3 of the 16 had our names! But I must say I do like Jenny Jellyfish best, since it is “A Tale of Wiggly Jellies”.

    It must have looked a bit comical to have you taking pictures of a book with one hand and holding the book with the other! (you must really love us!!!)

    That made my day!

  4. By the way, did I read correctly on your other blog that you went to Charlottesville, VA, or what was that about???

    (that’s where I am from – as in, where my parents live!)

    Isn’t it just a great place???!!! As I have told Jenny, that is God’s country! :o)

  5. Katie, we stayed the night at Meadows Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA on our way to the beach.

  6. And yes, I thought it was quite wonderful!

  7. I thought I would wait to post because I am as slow as a turlte apparently. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. O, but Tamara… you are a “saving sea turtle” as well! And the Bible says “he that wins souls is wise”! Hee hee!!

  9. and might I say that it is LAME that there’s not a book for my name… what about “Sarah the Snake: A Tale of Slithering, Sly Spies”… or “Sarah the Seahorse”… or something.


  10. Unfortunately, Sarah, the seahorse was named Sammy.

    However, there was a book called “Crabby Lady…” ๐Ÿ˜‰