Short Report

July 20, 2009

I have a Session meeting in about 45 minutes and I probably should be preparing a bit more for that, so I’ll keep this kind of short! I just was thinking about how so many of you haven’t updated your blogs for awhile and then realized that I’m doing just as “good” a job.

Jason and I had a busy weekend! We had dinner and game night with Vallerie and Whitney on Friday night, went hiking and cloud watching at Garden of the Gods on Saturday (also with Vallerie and Whitney), and did church stuff and had a mission trip reunion on Sunday. It was a very fun few days! Also, Jeff arrived in town yesterday. He and a crew that he gathered from church are putting a new roof on my mom’s house this week. He’ll stick around for the weekend (we’re thinking about biking rails for trails in Illinois on Friday or Saturday) to play guitar with us in church on Sunday and go to Holiday World with the whole family on Monday.

Tonight I have a Session meeting (can I get a yee haw?), Jason’s on a bike ride and Jonas is visiting with his grandparents. Believe it or not, school starts here in fifteen days! The summer has passed so quickly, but hopefully we can enjoy the days we have left.

Also, can you believe that we have not yet closed on the sale of our house? We accepted the offer 8 weeks ago and there’s no closing date in sight. We feel frustrated, but hopeful (when we’re not scared the whole thing will fall through!).

Told you it would be a short update! Happy Monday!

One response to Short Report

  1. Yes, we've all become "bad bloggers". Although, Peachy is still quite good at keeping things up-to-date. I admit I have slacked. Combination of too much and too little going on…if that makes any possible sense! Plus, my last blog entry caused quite a stir down here and I'll just have to chat with you sometime to explain that one! Thank you for your update. Even short ones make me happy. I like to know what's up with everyone…even if it is just about day-to-day activities and seemingly mundane things.