Slow Me Down When September Ends

Nibby asked me (and another friend seated with us at lunch yesterday): “What’s going on? Why aren’t you blogging?”

Excuses just tumbled out of my mouth.

Truth is, I’m not feeling it. Probably because September is…really, really full. I’m doing so much thinking and remembering and detail oriented stuff in my job and all of my volunteer endeavors. I love to write, but this month I don’t feel like writing…so I’m not!

But I’m still here!

I’ve trained 8 new Girl Scout Leaders so far this month (with 3 more on the schedule). Big Brothers Big Sisters Henderson had a ribbon cutting last week and we have a big fundraiser coming up in conjunction with the Martina McBride concert a local bank is having on Green Street in Downtown Henderson next weekend. We’ve changed our youth group meeting time and are adjusting to that (it’s going well!). We had our First Kids’ Club Saturday morning last week on the heels of a youth group overnight at the church. It’s been a whole lot of exciting fun, but it’s been exhausting!

This weekend, I take my days off. Today I slept in, I’m watching a silly movie that Jason won’t want to watch with me, I’m going to the gym for a weight and elliptical work out, and we’re attending my in-law’s anniversary party tonight. In between that, I’m resting.

Tomorrow is my first 5K. I like it that Race for the Cure is my first 5K, because it’s totally not about me. I’m just going to run it. I’m not even going to let myself worry about the time or my speed (which, unfortunately, is something I tend to obsess about). Tomorrow’s race isn’t about me, it’s about millions of women who have bravely stared down the barrel of cancer and fought. Some are still fighting and some of those women will be at the race tomorrow. It will be an honor to be in their presence and running for their cause.

It’s cold outside today. It’s the first day of Fall. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!


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