Snow Day Fun

We are learning how to do snow days around here. So far this year, we have had five snow days (all days we will have to make up) and it’s possible there will be more.

I kind of like snow. I mean, I did grow up in an area where it’s not uncommon to have two feet of lake effect snow dumped on you practically overnight. It was strange to move to a part of the country where an inch of snow closes practically everything.

And seriously, during my freshman year of college, we got an inch of snow and not only did the campus shut down with all classes canceled, but SHOE CARNIVAL on Green River Road closed, too. I will never forget the snow storm that shut down Shoe Carnival. That’s when I knew winters were going to be different.

I’m from an area where kids never get snow days. I can remember a couple of times that my parents kept us home from school because the wind chill was way too low, but I do not remember any snow days. I’m sure we had them every once in awhile, but I’m also sure we went years without school being canceled because of snow.

However, here in Henderson, it’s odd to go a winter without at least one snow day. At first, snow days are celebrated. It’s exciting. Eventually, though, the realization of make up days sink in. For example, our school Spring Break is nearly two weeks (8 school days and two weekends total). However, we lose the first three school days as snow make up days.

But here is how the Durhams spend a snow day:

1. Sleep in (well, not me. Sam expects me to keep my regularly posted schedule and attend to his needs.)

2. Eat a big breakfast (not me again. I eat Kashi. Which is boring.)

3. Shovel the driveway (again, not me. Jason and Jonas enjoy this job.)

4. Drink lots of coffee (Yes! Me! I do this!)

5. Go sledding and throw lots of snowballs

6. Drink hot chocolate (or more coffee)

7. Watch movies, read, play on the computer, listen to music

8. Take a nap or two

Yesterday was a particularly awesome snow day for me because I was going to spend the day in a meeting in Hopkinsville anyway. Instead, I spent time with my family, spent time at the home of some family friends, and enjoyed a free day. I wouldn’t have been working anyway, so I didn’t get behind by not working.

A snow day I don’t have to make up? That’s the best kind!

Stay warm!