Snow Day

It’s a snow day in Henderson County. I just thought I’d check in! It’s a bit icy, but nothing too major just yet!

UPDATED: Well, it’s 3:12 and I took a picture since we got some real snow. It’s still falling. Maybe I’ll get some good pictures later, too.

4 replies on “Snow Day”

Well, this one doesn’t really affect me, but yes, I do. I’ll do nothing different today because school is out because we don’t have our after school programs on Thursday, nor do I do any school visits.

But I’m enjoying watching it fall–because at this point we have real snow.

We just left early today and have now been called off for tomorrow! Yippee!!! It’s not that bad out there, but I’ll take all I can get! šŸ™‚ I love it!

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