January 31, 2008

They are dismissing Henderson County schools early today. Here is why:

See, the white stuff means snow. We’re supposed to get a lot of it for our area (which means a couple of inches). I hope we get it because we’re due for an actual snow that allows for sledding (yes, all my northern friends, it is possible to sled in a couple of inches of snow…as long as you get to the hill early enough) and snowball fights (also possible as long as you get there early enough…or don’t walk the dog through the snow too many times).

I’ll keep you posted.

If I could find my digital camera cord, I’d post pictures. It’s been missing for about a week and I’m worried. I think my husband probably “cleaned it up” when we were getting ready for our open house last weekend, but he can’t find it and he seems to think that I lost it so he’s not looking very hard.

Well…back to work.

One response to Snow?

  1. 1) I hope it’s gone by Sunday!

    2) PRAY! If you recall, I’ve learned that God cares about cameras and their whereabouts! He will tell you where it is!!!! 🙂