Some Confessions

'I'm so ashamed of this new manicure!' photo (c) 2006, Ajay - license:

  • Every night, someone (almost always Jason) sets up our coffee pot to brew at 6 a.m. the next morning. I often pass the coffee pot, locked and loaded and give serious consideration to hitting the “brew” button so that the morning’s coffee will brew right now and I can drink coffee before I go to bed. I resist the urge and try to look forward to tomorrow.
  • Caffeine rarely affects my ability to sleep anymore. Eating chocolate before bed will mess up my sleep more than drinking coffee before bed.
  • When I drive in my car by myself, I’m usually singing loudly to the radio or one of my playlists. Often, the playlist contains music from Glee.
  • When books, blog posts or articles get boring, I put the skills I learned in elementary school to use and start “skimming.” It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just what I now am sure is adult ADD.
  • I often say that my degree is in Biblical Studies (or I say “Religion with a concentration in Biblical Studies”). This is technically not true because at graduation, I still lacked two Greek classes for this degree. My degree is a Bachelor of the Arts in Religion. However, I took those two Greek classes the next year for no official credit and feel that “Biblical Studies” is a better description of my education so I claim it.
  • People often tell me I’m “so organized.” I am mentally organized and good with a three-ringed binder, but I’m not organized in my physical spaces. My office and my side of the bedroom and my shelves and drawers in the bathroom are a mess.
  • I own an iron. I keep it in the craft room at church and use it to iron the kids’ bead projects. If my clothes are wrinkly, I throw them in the dryer or hang them outside of the hot shower and hope for the best.
  • I have “Desperate Housewives” at the top of my Netflix Queue and am currently in the middle of season 2. I swore I’d never watch it, but finally after the urging of several loved ones, gave in and watched the first episode a couple of weeks ago. I was hooked immediately.
Got a confession? Let’s hear it!

Happy Friday, friends!