Some Disturbing Observations

April 12, 2008

1) The Disney Empire didn’t make all of their money with movies and t.v. shows. They make $10 off every single snow cone they sell at their ice shows. I’m not kidding–$10! And $10 for cotton candy. Considering that all you need to make Cotton Candy is sugar and all you need to make snow cones is ice, I think they’re profiting like 40000%. Or something.

2) Third grade girls scream. LOUDLY.

3) It’s disturbing to listen to a stadium full of pre-teen girls scream and woo hoo when Troy (the male lead) takes his shirt off to change it.

4) The line for the girls’ bathroom was a mile long and I had to stand in it several times (but not because I ate too many snow cones–each girl had to go at least once).

Oh well. It was loud and cheesy, but at least we got discount tickets and the girls had a blast! Now we’re in the middle of our post-show sleepover! Which is why I’m blogging at 2:30 in the morning. Susan and I are scared to go to sleep while they’re still awake.

2 responses to Some Disturbing Observations

  1. Talk about me being jealous, jealous, jealous! LOL Sounds like a blast! 🙂 And, yeah, I took my niece to Disney Princesses on ice and I totally got roped into one buygin her one of the mega-million-making snow cones. Which, by the way, ended up mostly in a puddled at our feet. *sigh* The things we do for kids!

  2. That is outrageous. $10! That is just silly and sad.